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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Goth baby Baxter

I finally finished Baby's First Tattoo cardi from Stitch N Bitch Nation. It's for a baby called Baxter who is about 4 months now I think. I knitted the 6 month size so provided he hasn't grown to unusual proportions, it should fit him for the rest of the winter... fingers crossed!


The actual knitting took me no time at all and I've had it finished for quite a while. The delay, as always, was in the seaming. This is the first item I've ever bothered to block, but I'm definately a fan of the concept now. Henceforth, I shall block EVERYTHING!

Hopefully I'll soon have a photo of Baxter modelling his first tattoo!


At 11:22 pm, Anonymous Nichola said...

Hoorayyyyy!!! It's all finished and looks fabulous. You did an fantastic job.

At 9:02 am, Anonymous Tam said...

I looks great; I want to knit one now.

At 6:25 pm, Anonymous Lee said...

It's wonderful, you've done very well.. Remember when we were discussing if you had done it in 8ply it would fit you!

At 10:36 pm, Anonymous norbu said...

Now, what is that irritating thing that everyone says to us knitters? Looks store bought :-))
Very lucky baby* That vest you are doing next will now be a breeze*

At 7:39 am, Anonymous Eliza said...

Dang. I don't know nuthin' about knitting, but that is SOOOOOOOOO cute.

At 7:43 am, Anonymous gimpy mumpy said...

Stella, I had no idea that knitting could be so cool! Envious of your talent.

At 9:13 am, Blogger jacqueline said...

i can see goth baby baxter now! all dressed up in his new cardi, black eyeliner and lipstick, 12 up docs.....ready for a night on the town!

too cool stell!

At 5:32 pm, Anonymous Lee said...

Has Baxter been enjoying his cardy? When are we going to see a pic!


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