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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Some stuff I've knitted this year!

Well, I finally worked out how this image thing works so I thought I'd give it a burl!

This is the wavy scarf from knitty that I made for my friend Aleisha. It was her birthday last Saturday and she loved it. In fact, she wore it out the very night I gave it to her.
Aleisha wavy scarf

This is the bobble bag I made for my friend Sarah's birthday.
Sarah's bobble bag

While I was procrastinating about seaming the bag (I HATE SEAMING!) I knitted this for my sister Madi. She's looking slightly grumpy because she was on her way to school.
Madi's scarf

I also made these egg cosies from Weekend Knitting and sewed them onto key-rings. The photo is a little blurry but you get the idea.
Egg cosy key-rings

And... my beautiful friend Cas who now lives in the UK and desperately needed some mittens. Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the cute hat.
Cas mittens

So there!


At 2:17 pm, Anonymous lee said...

These are just so fab. It makes me want to knit the wavy scarf.

At 5:28 pm, Anonymous jacqueline said...

man - you should have taken credit for the cute hat! Who was to know!

At 6:07 pm, Anonymous Lyn said...

My, you have been busy. I especially like the green scarf - the waves almost look like an illusion.

At 1:53 pm, Anonymous Nichola said...

Fabulous. You are just TOO nice to your friends! I think your next project should be for youreslf ;-)

At 1:54 pm, Anonymous Nichola said...

By the way, you need to change my link to my new typepad blog.

At 10:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 3:35 pm, Blogger Torn said...

You know what? U are creative and talented!
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