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Friday, June 10, 2005

No, I haven't thrown in the needles!

Seeing as this blog promises to be (at least a bit) about knitting, I thought it was probably time for an update. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of anything at the moment because I can't take very good photos in my house with my digital camera when it's dark outside. The flash distorts the colour so much that I really do need to take them when it's light outside. Being the social butterfly that I am and Melbourne winters being prone to early darkness, I'm never actually home when it's light enough to take photos!

At the moment I have a few unfinished projects. The first, Baby's First Tattoo cardigan from Stitch N Bitch Nation is pretty much done apart from seaming it (and we all know how much I hate seaming!) and knitting the neckband. It was the first item I ever bothered to block and was so happy with the results. Thanks Jac!

I have also nearly finished a pair of mittens for my bosses son Felix. He requested blue with spots, so rather than muck around with intarsia, I'm going to sew buttons on them!

Clapotis is on holiday in my knitting corner. I'm not quite sure why I'm so unenthusiastic about it because I quite enjoy the actual knitting technique and I was looking forward to the part where I get to drop stitches on purpose! I'm not particularly enamoured with the yarn I chose so maybe that's why. I might ditch it and find something I like better!

I have also recently completed the vintage bathing cap for my friend Lara. It's awaiting the attachment of a button on one side. Finished it in the nick of time for her to take with her on her trip to Korea. She leaves on 23 June and plans to be gone about three months. Don't know if she'd survive without the cap so I'll be button sewing this very evening!

The most exciting item in my knitting life right now is the sock I'm going to start on the train tomorrow! I ordered three really cool balls of yarn from ace sock knitter Maree when she was ordering a batch from Germany. After much frustration with trying to read names of yarn in German, they finally arrived and I'm really happy with my choices. Hoping to churn out a few pairs while it's still winter. I'm going to Albury for the long weekend with a whole bunch of other short statured people - yay! - which means that there will be substantial sock-knitting time on the train. Given that I have kids size 13 feet, I reckon I could almost get one done this weekend on travel time alone. Something tells me I won't be doing much knitting when I actually get there though. I haven't been on this particular trip before but from all accounts it's pretty fun!

So that's my knitting life for the moment! Hopefully next week I'll have warm toes (at least on one foot!) and some photos to show off!


At 3:55 pm, Anonymous Lee said...

OOh i can't wait till you push on with clapotis and get to say 2 or 3 dropped stitches - the harmony really looks terrible, like a washcloth, until you get to that stage when it takes on fabulous drape and wonderousness! And just becomes magical and yum.

And I love the idea of the buttons on the mittens! I really love the texture contrast of buttons on knitted anything, so much, and glad I have those great target house socks to remind me of it.

Lots of things on the go but many nearly finished and I know you will finish them so not too shabby at all! What's next after these ones??

At 11:29 am, Blogger Dreaming again said...

Hi there. I'm Pk ... I found you through Ghetto River Nymph ... just thought I'd share with you the most unnecessary, but funniest knitting pattern I'd ever seen in my life! http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/PATTwomb.html


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