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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Federal budget rant (sorry, I HAVE to!)

So. The federal budget. What can I say? They're doing it all arse-about really. People with disabilities aren't going to work because you cut their pensions. They're going to work because you give them equal access to employment. Because you present them with accessible buildings and tolerance. Because employers are educated, aware and embrace workplace diversity. Because they can get on a frigging tram to get to an interview in the first place! Even those people who are supposedly objecting to the cuts are saying that we need training programs to give people with a disability the skills they need to be employed. No we don’t. I spent four years and thousands of dollars at uni getting “the skills” and yet I still spent six months unemployed. Although I’m now working full-time at a job I love, it’s not in the area I’m trained in. It’s in the disability sector, the only place I could find what I need in an employer; a building with no steps and an accessible toilet. And having less money isn’t going to make people more willing to work, it will just increase the isolation and the inability to participate in education and therefore, employment. Sheltered workshops here we come!


At 2:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Stella, you are so right. They just don't get it do they? My son, for one, would love to have a job, but. . . (all you said above!). I remember years ago being on a regional committee for integrating students into mainstream schools, and the general opinion was that they would give the students help for a year or two, then ease back with the aides, and all would be well. No idea at all.
Well done on starting a blog - I'll be following it with interest - especially with your knitty bits.

Love, Lyn


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