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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Two other things

First thing: I hate Myspace. It's the dumbest thing in the world.

Second thing: I'm not usually the queen of the perfect comeback, but I managed to pull off a pretty good one last weekend.

The scene: A bar at a really well equipped and organised house party.

Him: Man, you'd be really hot if you were normal.

Me: Not half as hot as you'd be if you weren't a total cunt.

I'm not dead

You all may be forgiven for thinking that I may have perhaps died, or at least been mourning the death of all computers that were previously in my life.

The truth is, I've been spending all computer related hours doing this. Why oh why did I think this thing was going to be easy? I'm not even responsible for the whole thing, just the communications and publicity work.

Non-film festival activities over the last three months have included:

Hosting the 3rd Annual Antenna Awards on community television. Heaps of fun! A comedian called Justin wrote our script. He was most amusing, as was my fabulous co-host Bryce. I think the best thing about working in community as opposed to commercial television would have to be the freedom to make jokes about the cultural significance of your co-hosts testicals in a national live broadcast, with absolutely no consequences at all.

My best friend moved to London. I miss her.

In May I went to a big disability arts conference and had many fights about "disability arts" vs "arts and disability". Julie MacNamara and Caglar Kimyoncu were there from the UK. I loved them. My collegues did not. I became increasingly stroppy about people insisting that they are "people first" and objecting to the term "disabled" anything. Fuck that. We all have enough human characteristics to make the statement of the fact that we are people totally ridiculous. It's pretty fucking obvious we're not bloody rose bushes or pairs of shoes. This is why I want to go to the UK.

My sister turned 21 last week. I went home on the weekend for her party. It was awesome. Lots of glow sticks and really awful techno music - very Romy. Not that she's really awful in any way. We just have very different ideas about what constitutes nice music.

I went to a lovely Guild Leage gig with my friend Kent last Thursday night. We nearly didn't go. We had dinner and then were running late. At the last minute we decided we totally HAD to bust our arses to get there. Very glad we did. They were supporting Emma Heeney at her album launch. Emma was better than either of us remembered her previous band to be, and Angie Hart was doing backing vocals. I heart Angie Hart.

I got rather callously dumped for an 18 year old girl with a four year old child. From Adelaide. Need I say more?

I now have a bit of a crush on a visual artist (whom I hope is too busy making beautiful things to read blogs) who wears glasses, experiences anxiety over sightings of bonsai trees, and has a one-year-old pet stapler called Jaws. He's lovely.

I'm thinking of having my star sign removed (or changed) to regain control over my life, loves and tattslotto numbers. I'm currently a Pisces, but i'm open to suggestion.

Um, I think those are all the important things, and some not-so-important things.