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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Best birthday ever!

They say something about turning a certain age on the corresponding date. Ummm... I can't remember exactly what that is, but nonetheless, my 24th birthday was on the 24th of February, and it sort of ROCKED!

The day started off being pretty ordinary but got much better. I had lunch with my amazing friend Beth, who's been off travelling through Africa and Europe for three months. Seeing her again was great and she had some random birthday gifts for me from her travels, including some kind of address/friendship/birthday book written entirely in Dutch, a language neither of us can read. While we were out for lunch, we ran into another friend whom I learnt sign language with for a while last year. Her name is No Mi Che and she studies Circus at the National Institute of Circus Art, majoring in Cloud Swing and Hoola Hoops - needless to say, she's awesome! We had a lovely lunch in the sun on my favourite end of Chapel St (the Windsor end with less snobs), it was beautiful weather with a top of 36 degrees, and the day was just generally lovely.

The night got even better, beginning with a great dinner of Mexican (lots of Margaritas!) with my friends Jeff and Yumi and ending with... the Candle Records annual concert! All the good bands played. All my friends were there. It was ACE! At some point Kent ran off and told Mark from The Lucksmiths that it was my birthday, so they wished me a very happy birthday right in the middle of the set! Sooo cool!

Great day, great night.... followed by another party on Saturday arvo with people who didn't feel inclined to Candle-it-up with us the night before. Aside from the torrential downpour at exactly 2pm causing me to text everyone and change venue to somewhere that wasn't an outdoor Belgian Beer Garden, and the fact that everyone was late and totally soaked by the time they got there, it was really really great! We kicked on well into the night and lots of Stella Artois was consumed! My Mum and sister arrived at one point, whereapon Mum decided to whip out THIS photo of me, clearly taken before I had any real hair of my own and my parents felt inclined to place a plastic wig on my head.

The weekend made me realise what amazing friends I have. I love you all to bits. Especially Lara, who not only gave me the first season of Degrassi High on DVD, but actually had a tank top made with THE ZIT REMEDY written right across the front. Love it! And love you all!

I've only been 24 for six days, but it's already pretty good. I have good feelings about it being much better than 23. There were lots of lessons in 23, but I'd be quite glad not to go back. Here's to 24 being filled with NEW lessons and stacks of fun! Woohoo!