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Monday, January 30, 2006

"Mixed tapes with careful print, titles of tunes..." *

Hmmm... I have yet again been a delinquent blogger. However, I take great comfort in the fact that it's due to much galavanting around the countryside, and generally having a life. The dangerous thing about summer in Melbourne is partaking in after-work drinks almost every night. Whoops.

So I've been up to lots of interesting things. Went on a holiday to Far North Queensland - the first time I've ever flown by myself. Very warm up there and my chair didn't like it much. In fact, on returning home she lasted a week before her batteries overheated and fried some kind of circuit board. Getting to be a right moody cow in her old age. Mind you, it has been really really hot. Last weekend consisted of two consecutive days well over 40 degrees. Yuk! More about my chair adventures and my search for a new one in a later post!

For now, I'd just like to say a HUGE thanks to Marmiteboy for the fabulous mixed tapes that arrived in the mail this morning! You're a gem, I can't wait to listen to them, and yours are very nearly done and on the way to you! I've always wanted someone to make me mixed tapes. Seems so old-school, I love it! Thanks Marmite!

Oh, and I'll be able to read the track titles because I replaced my aforementioned lost glasses. Not without a great deal of grumbling about it though.

* The Guild League